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Agrofirm RUSICH

from. Pesyanka, Tyumensky district, Tyumen region
Agrofirm "Rusich" is a manufacturer and supplier of tasty and healthy organic products from local raw materials. A large producer of Ivan tea in the Tyumen region.

The value of RUSICH products is the duality of its action. Our products are not only tasty, but also healthy, which is not so easy to achieve. Wild herbs and berries of Siberian meadows and forests pass through three elements - earth, wind, water, and we complete them with the fourth: more than a hundred experiments related to the search for the best technology for drying herbs and berries led us to use natural energy - fire. This approach from the past centuries helped our ancestors to survive, filled them with strength and health. This is where the magic comes from, and in our opinion - fabulousness.

A fairy tale is what feeds us from childhood, unites children and adults, different peoples, passing on wisdom from generation to generation. A fairy tale conveys knowledge, fills with feelings, values, teaches good, creates faith in a miracle. We can say with confidence that all our products have wonderful and magical properties to give a person what he needs: happiness, health, fortitude, vigor, joy, open paths to development.

We take our business with special responsibility, from the selection of clean places for collecting wild plants, the people involved in the production, to the satisfaction of the buyer. The technologies used carefully preserve all the beneficial properties of Nature itself and in our products you will never find colorants, flavorings, thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives and flavor enhancers.
Our slogan: health, happiness, happiness, health!

The production is located in the city of Tyumen, Western Siberia, so most of our products use wild-growing raw materials of the Siberian taiga - berries, nuts, herbs. Over the years, our products have gained wide popularity in the Tyumen region and beyond.
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