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Hors company

Iska village, Nizhnetavdinsky district, Tyumen region
The Khors company raises broiler chickens using pasture technology on expensive starter grain feed, adding meadow grasses, nettles, sprouted wheat and oats, as well as steamed corn to the diet. A unique combination of the main combined feed was developed in cooperation with a local enterprise that produces animal feed based on its own raw materials, growing in the Nizhnetavdinsky region.

The company is committed to the production of organic poultry, so they did not even think about antibiotics, medicines and injection! Chickens are fed with special natural infusions that effectively form the immunity and health of the birds.
The fattening period for each batch of chickens is more than 90 days, which allows the muscle mass to be fully formed to create taste and organoleptic characteristics similar to those of birds growing in the wild.

HORS trademark meat products are honesty and quality that we are proud of! We ourselves are happy to use our product. We are making every effort to revive rural areas through the development of land management and cooperation, so buying our products you are directly involved in this!
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