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INGALA cheese dairy

Tyumen, Tyumen region
Ingala is a cheese dairy in Tyumen that makes real honest cheese!
We went on an adventure across Europe to find good farm cheese and learn how to make it.
Today we cook 30 types of cheese from whole milk, including hard ones.

Whole milk from cows and goats:
The absence of mechanical processing allows you to preserve the natural structure. The cheese is tastier and creamier.

Natural starter cultures and enzymes:
The absence of high-temperature processing allows you to preserve natural enzymes. This gives the cheese a rich flavor and aroma.

Long exposure time:
Hard cheeses mature in a special storage facility under natural conditions, without chemical processing, from 2 to 6 months.

10 reasons why we make good cheese
1) We use only specially selected milk from one specific farm. Animals undergo constant veterinary control, and milk is checked daily.

2) Milk is checked for a dozen parameters on special ultra-modern equipment in our own laboratory. The main parameter is the bacterial purity of milk.

3) We test milk for bacterial purity using an innovative device in just 7 minutes. This allows you to determine its quality in each specific batch immediately before cooking the cheese.

4) Strict control over the quality of milk will allow you to abandon high-temperature processing. The absence of heat treatment allows you to preserve the natural enzymes in milk. This gives our cheese a rich flavor and aroma.

5) We only make cheese from whole milk. The absence of mechanical processing allows you to preserve the natural structure, which makes the cheese more tasty and creamy.

6) High-quality milk allows us to mature our cheeses from 2 to 6 months in natural conditions without the use of chemical processing.

7) The cheeses are ripened in a special storage facility at a temperature of 10-12 degrees and a humidity of 85%, which creates good conditions for the growth of cultural mold on the cheese crust. Mold gives the cheese a good taste and produces very important B vitamins.

8) We use only natural ferments and enzymes produced in Italy.

9) We cook cheeses from southern Italy that have never been imported to Russia before. Our technologist was trained in Italy, had an internship in factories and in small private cheese dairies

10) In 2017, our cheese received a gold medal for product quality at the VIII interregional agricultural exhibition. In 2018, we also received this award.
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